New Humans 'Contortionist' Slipmat, 2014

Each slip mat is medium weight, felt construction in an edition of 25. BUY

Super Loco, 2010

Contact microphones, analog synthesizer, electric drill, mirrored glass, hammers, electronics. Full blown military-entertainment complex hangover.

7" transparent blue vinyl with foldout cover. Pressing of 350.

Two possible soundtracks for “After Birds” (2008), a film by Philippe Decrauzat. Cover design and images by Philippe Decrauzat. produced by Circuit, Lausanne

Performed by Mika Tajima, Howie Chen, and Eric Tsai.


DISALLOW Vito Acconci / New Humans, 2009

Disallow is an artist LP presenting an unreleased live recording of a collaborative performance by poet-artist-architect Vito Acconci and New York group New Humans. Taking place within the sculpture installation “Disassociate” by artist Mika Tajima in 2007, the release also includes the complete aural components that were present during the exhibition and live performances.

The release also includes two sound pieces by New Humans that were the ongoing sound elements in the “Disassociate” installation in which the performances and recordings occurred. They are aural representations of protracted anticipation, becoming the things itself. The first, a popular song stripped leaving only the minimal register of static noise – it now resembles the anonymous crackling prelude of a vinyl record. Next, the humming drone produced by a guitar amp in waiting becomes substance without performance

Edition limited to 300 copies with full-color sleeve.

Performed by Vito Acconci, Howie Chen, Mika Tajima, and Eric Tsai.

AKA Vito Acconci / New Humans / C. Spencer Yeh, 2008
CD / SEMI 011

New Humans fourth release, aka, presents two full live recordings frovvm a series of New Humans collaborations with Vito Acconci and C. Spencer Yeh performed during their three-month exhibition “Disassociate” at Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York, in Spring 2007.

1. You in the background
During this improvised performance with New Humans and C. Spencer Yeh, Acconci read permutations of text from a set of seminal audio works he chose -- recombining lines and phrases on the move against a shifting, acute, and deadpan sonic progression. Text include V.D. Lives/ TV Must Die (1978), Now Do You Believe The Dirty Dogs Are Dead (1978), An Idea Of Storage At A Small Gallery In Downtown Chicago (1979), Cry, Baby! (1977).

2. Double Negative
C. Spencer Yeh’s violin tears into the track without hesitation creating a searing arc over the sheets of analog fuzz delivered by New Humans’s obliterated guitar, drums, and bass. Double Negative also documents the live destruction of a glass sculpture as it was crushed by a pile of contact microphoned chairs that Mika Tajima dragged across the room and then toppled into the tower of glass. The amplified dragging and the eventual cascading crash of glass was sampled in real time, becoming an underlying rhythmic pattern as New Humans returned for a final assault with Yeh.

February 25 release date
Pre-order now at Semishigure HERE

Performed by Vito Acconci, Howie Chen, Mika Tajima, Eric Tsai, and C. Spencer Yeh

Undercover, 2007
Circuit 004

Color vinyl 12" "Undercover" produced with artist Philippe Decrauzat through Switzerland's Circuit. Featuring New Humans soundtrack for Decrauzat's 16mm film, "A change of speed, a change of style. A change of scene; Part II". Includes solo beat track on reverse side. Jacket design collaboration by Decrauzat and Mika Tajima, and special poster insert. Brutal and concise.

Also available signed/numbered edition of 50 by New Humans/Philippe Decrauzat.

Available in advance at Fusetron, Printed Matter, Circuit (CH), Ooga Booga. More locations soon!

Performed by: Howie Chen and Mika Tajima

New Humans / Airport War, 2007
Split 7"


Airport war contributes the left channel and new humans contribute to the right channel to a one-sided record. the result is a five minute wedding of violent bliss. cover is an untitled wedding photo (1970) that is silkscreened in off-registered yellow, red, and blue. the wedding was short lived, the groom stabbing the bride several dozen times shortly after the honeymoon.



Disassociate, 2006
Avant/Savant 001

A line drawn in space gradually separates into countless pieces leaving a ghost of its former self. On New Human's second release, Disassociate , each track undergoes geometric growth and decay.   With over 25 names for each track, the recording opens with a drone monolith later destabilizing into undulating segments and then finally shattering into a series of interlocking parts. In its transformations, each momentary form gives way to the next creating incidental tangents with minimalist drone, early synth music, extreme noise, and Miami trunk bass.

Disassociate is available on vinyl and CDR as a limited edition release of 300 with hand silk-screened jackets with custom insert. Vinyl edition features glow-in-the dark design and oversized poster.   Recorded and engineered by Sean Maffucci at Junkyard Audio Salvage in Brooklyn and mastered by Paul Gold. Released on Avant/Savant (Mexico City, New York).

For best results play recording at high volume in continuous sequence with subwoofer or substantial low frequency sound system.

Download liner poster designed by José León Cerrillo [here].

Available at Cakeshop, NY; Hospital Productions, NY; Other Music, NY; Marquise Dance Hall, Brooklyn; Academy Records Annex, Brooklyn; Rocks in Your Head, Brooklyn; Walther Koenig Books at Serpentine Gallery, London; Taller Publico, Mexico City; Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati; Ooga Booga, LA

Online at Fusetron and Printed Matter (vinyl / cd)
Buy through itunes store: HERE

Performed by: Danny Barria, Howie Chen, Eric Tsai, Mika Tajima

New Humans, 2005

From the systematic meltdown of Sabbath-like doom riffage to the relentless super deformation of Riley and Branca's legacy, each track builds and clear cuts at the same time. New Humans is a hand silk-screened limited edition CD of 200 with custom insert.

Recorded by Rob Laakso and mastered by Paul Gold. Currently available through Fusetron, Walker Art Center, and Printed Matter.


  1. You Must Be Free [play]
  2. White [play]
  3. Mandolin Song [play]
  4. E.E.E.E.
  5. Reverse Sabbath
  6. Ready Set Go

Performed by: Danny Barria, Howie Chen, Eric Tsai, Nick Phillips, Mika Tajima




Buy through itunes store: HERE

Color Seance, 2003

Mini-cdr edition featuring four sound pieces and accompanying booklet sewn in fabric used in original installation at Maccarone, Inc. performance (sponsored by Sherman Magazine).

Performed by: Danny Barria, Howie Chen, Bella Foster, Mika Tajima

sold out BUY

NewSportHumanSongs, 2003

Mini-cdr edition of fucked up sports game songs (charge, baseball song, gary glitter, etc.). Mind numbing repetition. Documents New Humans half-time performance for the LIC Blimp Derby at Sculpture Center.

Performed by: Danny Barria, Howie Chen, Bella Foster, Mika Tajima

sold out


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